Staff Development Team

The Division of Student Affairs values and encourages the ongoing development and learning of all employees. The Student Affairs Staff Development Committee is a standing committee charged with enhancing the professional development of all employees and graduate students in the Division of Student Affairs. The committee is comprised of staff members from across the Division of Student Affairs. Each year the team creates development programs on a variety of ideas and topics of interest to staff members.

As a committee, we strive to:

  • Educate staff in the Division through programs for developing professional competencies, and through opportunities to increase awareness of current trends in the field of Student Affairs.

  • Empower staff in the Division through opportunities to assess personal and professional needs.

  • Connect people across the Division in formal and informal settings to facilitate personal and professional success.

Staff Development Team First Row (from left to right): Jake Hartfield, Rasheda Boddie-Forbes, Julie Capella, Yvett Harris, Cade Smith
2nd Row (from left to right): Brian Peace, Benjamin Michael Harris, Kem Wells, Patrik Nordin, Deidre Edwards, Cat Walker, Jeremy Baham, Andrew Rendon
Not Pictured: John Clay