Our Mission

Definition of Staff Development
Intentional efforts to increase knowledge on a professional and/or personal level to enhance personal and organizational effectiveness in a changing environment

Vision of the Staff Development Program
Foster a community of collaborative relationships among individuals, departments, and the people we serve. Instill professional competence, a sense of ownership, accomplishment, and individual value and self-worth through training, participation, open communication, appreciation and caring

Mission of the Staff Development Program
Develop community in the Division of Student Affairs through education, socialization, orientation, recognition and communication in order to improve our service to Mississippi State University and its students

In order to fulfill our mission we are committed to:

  • Programming on diversity and/or diversity-related topics on an annual basis
  • Collaborating with other individuals and groups
  • Assist new staff members in their transition into the Division of Student Affairs, so that they may be comfortable, productive, and effective in their new roles