Student Life Center - 20 Morrill Road

The Student Life Center (SLC), located on the southeast corner of Mississippi State University’s campus, is available for events and gatherings that focus primarily on students, student groups and the Division of Student Affairs. The SLC provides a welcoming environment for students and visitors to retreat from the bustling university atmosphere and get acquainted in relaxed, comfortable surroundings – all without leaving campus. The SLC also serves as the on-campus residence for the Vice President for Student Affairs, allowing ready access to the campus and MSU students.


Student Life Center

The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the host for most events. Some examples of the type of events and functions hosted by the SLC and the VPSA are:

  • Weekly student leader meetings/discussions
  • Recognition receptions for student organizations
  • Dinners for students and student groups
  • Individual student conferences
  • Large outdoor barbecue/recreation events for students and faculty/staff
  • Faculty/student meetings/discussions
  • Meetings and mini-retreats for Student Affairs’ staff
  • Development functions with supporters of Student Affairs fund raising initiatives

During the 2007-2008 academic year, over 40 events were hosted at the SLC, welcoming more than 1,200 guests. The Student Life Center is scheduled through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, 662-325-3045.


The house at 20 Morrill Road was built in the early 1950s by Malcolm “Red” Gray, who was serving as the university’s Director of Housing. Gray, who had played football for Mississippi State in the 1930s, returned to his alma mater after retiring from the Army. Once back in Starkville, Gray directed the on-campus housing department, and was in this position when Old Main burned in 1959.

The Grays raised their three children in the modest home just off the edge of campus, and Mrs. Gray maintained the residence for thirty years after Mr. Gray’s death. The house, which had since come to be known as the “Gray House,” was then purchased by Mississippi State University in 1999 as part of the Faculty Housing Program.

In 2004 MSU President J. Charles Lee, anticipating the growth of the student body, decided that it would be advantageous for the Vice President for Student Affairs to live on campus, closer to the students and the many activities of the student body. The Gray House proved to be the ideal location, and plans were soon put in place to update the property. Luke & Kaye Architects of Meridian, Mississippi orchestrated the renovation of the house, and the MSU Campus Landscape Department designed the lawn and landscaping. In July 2005, the Gray House became the home of Dr. Bill Kibler, Vice President for Student Affairs, and his family.