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Graduate Assistantships

The Division of Student Affairs at Mississippi State University’s mission is to engage all students through programs, services, facilities, and activities designed to promote active citizenship, learning, well-being, and success. This extends to the experience and opportunities we offer our graduate students by providing real-world experience in career areas that they are interested in pursuing post-graduation.

Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are financial awards available to graduate students at Mississippi State University in exchange for part-time work at the university related to teaching, research, or administration. The GAs advertised through the Division of Student Affairs (located both within the Division and in affiliated offices across campus) focus primarily on administrative positions that support the Division’s mission of engaging all students on campus through programs, services, facilities, and activities designed to promote active citizenship, learning, well-being, and success.

All current and prospective full-time graduate students and who meet the requirements outlined by Mississippi State University’s Graduate School are eligible to hold a Graduate Assistantship and are encouraged to apply. However, special consideration will be given to students who demonstrate a specific skills set, expertise, or background related to the position in question and/or enrollment in a graduate program specifically related to the work required of that GA position (e.g., Student Affairs & Higher Education, Counselor Education, Kinesiology).

The expectations, requirements, financial awards, and contract terms (e.g., 9, 10, or 12 months) for each GA are determined by the office it serves and therefore may vary from one position to the next. Applicants are therefore encouraged to review the job descriptions posted below PRIOR to submitting an application to familiarize themselves with the parameters of each position.

To apply for one or more of the positions listed below, please click on the Apply Here button to the right. You will be asked for a cover letter, resume, contact information for three references, and for information related to your anticipated/current graduate program of study at Mississippi State University. In addition, you will be asked to designate the types of GAships for which you would like to be considered.

While GA applications will be accepted through this site year-round, reviews take place by the designated offices if and when positions become available. GA availability will be noted next to the relevant job description below and will updated throughout the academic year. Given that many positions turn over after Spring commencement, the best time to apply for GA positions is in Spring semester for a start date in the following Summer or Fall. The office in question will contact you directly if they are interested in your credentials for the position being filled.

Finally, please note that admission to a graduate program of study at Mississippi State is a separate process from the GA application process. Application materials are not shared between academic programs and the Division of Student Affairs. Moreover, admission into a graduate program does not guarantee an offer of a Graduate Assistantship; nor does an offer of a Graduate Assistantship guarantee admission to a graduate program. Individual students are responsible for following through on each process separately, in accordance with relevant policies and procedures.

For students applying to the MS in Educational Leadership/Student Affairs & Higher Education ONLY, please visit for additional information on interviewing for positions directly via our GA Insight Day event held each year on the Thursday and Friday of the second week in February. When applying for GA positions, be sure to designate that you are simultaneously submitting a graduate application to the EDLD/SAHE program and let us know your availability to visit campus during GA Insight Days.

Job descriptions and availability are listed below for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please check back regularly for updates.

Job Descriptions

Our Staff

A photo of Dr. Regina Hyatt
Regina Young Hyatt

Vice President for Student Affairs

Jeremy Baham
Jeremy Baham

Assistant Vice President for Student Support and Well-being

A photo of Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes
Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes

Vice President for Access, Diversity & Inclusion

A photo of Thomas Bourgeois
Thomas Bourgeois

Dean of Students

Cheryl Bowen
Cheryl Bowen

Director of Budget & Planning

Brent Crocker
Brent Crocker

Emergency Management

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Katie Corban

Marketing & Communications

Carson Brantley
Carson Brantley

Marketing & Communications

Jana Berkery
Jana Berkery

Director of Development