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Goal A – Student Learning

Students participating in Student Affairs programs, services, facilities, and activities will experience growth in the following student learning strategic objectives.

  1. Leadership Development - increasing one’s ability to inspire a shared vision, act with integrity, and work collaboratively for positive change that benefits others

  2. Well-being - the pursuit of a rewarding quality of life and a healthy and safe community

  3. Social Responsibility - the commitment to positively impact the campus and larger communities

  4. Developing Autonomy - demonstrating a capacity for independent thinking, decision making, and self-governance

  5. Appreciating Diversity - recognizing, valuing, and welcoming the identities of all individuals

Goal B – Communication & Technology

The Division of Student Affairs will effectively communicate with students and respective stakeholders through the following communication and technology strategic objectives.

  1. Increase and enhance visibility of programs, services, facilities, and activities

  2. Increase and enhance methods of reaching students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders

  3. Increase and enhance the use of technology to support student learning and success

Goal C – Student Engagement

The Division of Student Affairs will engage students through the development and implementation of purposeful programs, services, facilities, and activities using the following student engagement strategic objectives.

  1. Promote opportunities for student involvement in student organizations, volunteer service, health and wellness activities, student life, and university traditions

  2. Expand leadership development programs to support active and innovative student leader communities

  3. Develop diverse and inclusive communities on campus

  4. Develop and improve facilities that support student programs, services, and activities

  5. Increase opportunities for student engagement in local, regional, national, and global communities

Goal D – Divisional Effectiveness

The Division of Student Affairs will continue to improve the overall effectiveness of programs, services, facilities, and activities through the following divisional effectiveness strategic objectives.

  1. Develop appropriate assessment processes to evaluate existing and future programs, services, facilities, and activities

  2. Align resources to support existing and future programs, services, facilities, and activities

  3. Leverage technologies to improve processes

Our Staff

A photo of Dr. Regina Hyatt
Regina Young Hyatt

Vice President for Student Affairs

Jeremy Baham
Jeremy Baham

Assistant Vice President for Student Support and Well-being

A photo of Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes
Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes

Vice President for Access, Diversity & Inclusion

A photo of Thomas Bourgeois
Thomas Bourgeois

Dean of Students

Cheryl Bowen
Cheryl Bowen

Director of Budget & Planning

A photo of Katie Corban
Katie Corban

Marketing & Communications

Jana Berkery Professional Photo
Jana Berkery

Director of Development