Planning and Assessment

Department Vision/Mission/Goals
  The Office of Planning and Assessment aims to inspire a culture of planning and assessment at the department and program levels in an effort to positively impact student success.
Mission:   To support planning and assessment efforts in the Division of Student Affairs through coordination, leadership, and education as each department participates in evidence-based continuous improvement of programs and services aimed to promote student success.  

Strategic planning

outputs will include:
• Vision, mission statement, values, strategic goals, strategic initiatives, progress indicators
• Planning and Assessment Workgroup implementation guidance


-PAW- Planning and Assessment Workgroup

-PDT-Professional Development Team

• NASPA Professional Competencies

Our Staff

R'Najee Matthews

Graduate Assistant

(662) 325-5857

Our Staff

A photo of Dr. Regina Hyatt
Regina Young Hyatt

Vice President for Student Affairs

Jeremy Baham
Jeremy Baham

Assistant Vice President for Student Support and Well-being

A photo of Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes
Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes

Vice President for Access, Diversity & Inclusion

A photo of Thomas Bourgeois
Thomas Bourgeois

Dean of Students

Cheryl Bowen
Cheryl Bowen

Director of Budget & Planning

A photo of Katie Corban
Katie Corban

Marketing & Communications

Jana Berkery Professional Photo
Jana Berkery

Director of Development