The Sports Club Alliance is a group of student organizations under the Department of Recreational Sports. The purpose of these clubs is to engage in an activity of their choice at various skill levels, contribute to the development of student leadership, and encourage and develop a healthy lifestyle. Sports Clubs are very competitive and travel across the Southeastern region, representing Mississippi State University at the highest level.

Any monetary gift would be appreciated from these student leaders as no Sports Club is fully funded. Your donation would be able help provide, a cut down in cost for travel to tournaments, official fees, safety equipment and many other items that face these student leaders. Lastly, your contribute to the Sports Club Alliance will allow these students to continue to learn transferable skills within the management of their club and show other universities what it truly means to be a Mississippi State Bulldog.

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For a one-time gift, please complete and submit the givingĀ form. Under "I want to contribute to:", please choose Other and indicate the program you wish to give to in the box.

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