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Mississippi State University is home to students from every county in Mississippi, every state in the US, and many, many countries across the world.  The diversity of our student body, faculty, and staff is one of our greatest assets.  Our students have the opportunity to learn about the world through the experiences of their fellow students and explore the similarities and differences we all share.  We have a commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment for every student who endeavors to be a Mississippi State graduate.  We know our individual differences bring richness to the student experience.  We also know all students benefit from a diverse learning environment so our faculty and staff are committed to creating programs, services, and activities to challenge our students and expand their worldview.

Every day on our campus, students have the opportunity to live with and learn from people who look, sound, believe, love, live differently than they do – what a great learning experience!  Our goal at Mississippi State is to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed and we are committed to every student’s goal to graduate with a MSU degree.  We are teaching our students how to live, learn, and meaningfully contribute to their communities on and off campus and hope these lessons will lead them to a life as scholars and leaders.  The resources found here give a glimpse into the opportunities available for students to find the communities of support and connections they will need to be able to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals.

Our Staff

A photo of Dr. Regina Hyatt
Regina Young Hyatt

Vice President for Student Affairs

Jeremy Baham
Jeremy Baham

Assistant Vice President for Student Support and Well-being

A photo of Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes
Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes

Vice President for Access, Diversity & Inclusion

A photo of Thomas Bourgeois
Thomas Bourgeois

Dean of Students

Cheryl Bowen
Cheryl Bowen

Director of Budget & Planning

A photo of Katie Corban
Katie Corban

Marketing & Communications

Jana Berkery Professional Photo
Jana Berkery

Director of Development